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©RFEN 2011 – All rights reserved                                                                     Foto: Divulgação

Hey everybody,

The weather here in Barcelona is hot and we started the World Championships with the right foot.

In the open water swimming, the begging of the competition was great for the 5 km, Poliana got second place, Ana Marcela the third place and Samuel de Bona fifth. Today we had the 10 km with Allan do Carmo in the seventh position. Tomorrow, in my opinion, probably we will have some good surprises in the 10 km and 25km for women. #cheering

As you are watching, the swimming events are in the Barcelona’s Marine, a wonderful place, with clean and warm water.

And did you see the swimming calendar? It starts on Wednesday, the preliminaries at 10 a.m and finals at 6 p.m (Barcelona’s time). Keep connected in my blog, because my team LD Sports will arrive in Barcelona on Thursdays with pictures and informations.

calendário mundial

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